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We are a small specialist team who work with adults who have Learning Disabilities who are at risk of committing offences. This includes people who are convicted or who have had allegations of offending made against them. We provide forensic risk assessment, consultancy and advice and psychological assessments and interventions aimed at reducing the risk of offending. We are also able to provide training aimed at raising awareness of people who have learning disabilities and their particular needs in the criminal justice system.
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Forensic risk assessment
Consultancy and advice to clinical teams, criminal justice teams, care providers and others involved in the care pathway,
Clinical interventions aimed at reducing the risk of offending.

Currently we consist of one Clinical psychologist , one senior practitioner who is a social worker by profession , one Learning Disability nurse practitioner and myself as manager – Learning Disability nurse by profession.

Locations we operate in

Bristol - 01275796420

3 Petherton Rd, Bristol, BS14 9BP

Services we Provide


We have a small specialist team providing a tertiary service, based in the community at the Withywood Centre, to people with a learning disability who are at risk of offending and are normally resident and are registered with a GP within Avon (Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset). The team consists of clinical psychologists, team leader, learning disabilities nurse practitioner and team secretary. All team members work on a part-time basis.

What we do

The service offers:

  • Forensic risk assessment
  • Consultancy and advice
  • Individual and group therapy aimed at reducing offending
  • Liaison, advice and joint working with criminal justice personnel including probation, prison and courts
  • Facilitating referrals from the criminal justice system to local community teams
  • Research, teaching, training on issues related to people with learning disabilities who offend.

How can we help you?

We can help you if you might get into trouble with the police.

We can help you if you have already been in trouble with the police.

We can help you to keep safe and keep out of trouble.

What we do:

We work with probation, the police, Courts, and with prisons to help you.

We can refer you to social workers and your local Learning Disability Team who may be able to help you with your health, housing, activities and other areas you may need support.

What else?

We run courses called ‘Good Thinking’ and a Men’s Group which helps men who are at risk of sexual offending

We also work individually with men and women.

We do risk assessments to help make you and others safe.

Where we do it

The service is available to people who live in:

* Bristol
* Bath
* South Gloucestershire
* North Somerset

How to access

To find out more about the service or to request support please:

Call: 0117 9878383

Fax: 0117 9878442


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