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We receive enquiries from various organisations, such as NHS occupational therapy clinics, about volunteering opportunities for individuals they support. Having recognised a demand, we have done our best to accommodate many of these people, allowing recovering substance-users, people with mental health problems or learning difficulties to volunteer in a positive, supported environment.

Earn a Bike (see more information)
Service and repair

Locations we operate in

The Bristol Bike Project - 0117 951 9692

198-200 Stapleton Road, Bristol, BS5 0NY

Services we Provide


We can provide varied supported opportunities as there are a mixture of things that always need to be done:
preparing bikes for our Thursday Earn-a-Bike workshops
stripping down bikes that are no longer functional

We have a wonderfully diverse group of volunteers from all walks of life, many of whom have previously received a bicycle from us and want to remain involved in helping out at the project.

Supported volunteers should be willing to offer a meaningful contribution of time to the project and should be self-motivated and interested in bicycles and bike mechanics.

What we do

Earn - A - Bike

We work with individuals in need of support or who are marginalised from within their communities and who need affordable and sustainable transport.

We deliver three hour long, one-to-one workshop sessions. Individuals work with one of the project’s mechanics to overhaul and refurbish a donated bike (that has already been prepped to a certain level), learning basic mechanical skills in the process.

This scheme emphasises empowerment and self-reliance rather than charity, and involves practical, hands-on engagement that functions as a bonding process between owner and bicycle.

Since 2009, over 800 bikes have been earned from the project in this way. Those who earn their bike from us can keep it running smoothly by dropping in at our weekly Fix-a-Bike sessions.

Watch our film to get a more in-depth picture.


The EAB scheme is available to those who are unemployed and are at least one of the following:

Asylum Seekers or Refugees
Persons with ongoing debilitating health problems
Persons with learning difficulties
In sheltered housing
Undergoing a substance abuse recovery programme
On probation


We run Earn-a-Bike workshops for six people on Thursdays – three appointments at 10.30am and a further two at 2pm.

You will be expected to spend approximately two to three hours with us working on your bike, so please make sure that you have this amount of free time before arranging an appointment with us. Plus, you need to be prepared to get their hands dirty!

We do have work aprons and latex gloves and plenty of tea and coffee!


Every bike needs to leave our workshop with a good quality D-lock and set of lights. We require that you or the organisation that has referred you, is able to cover the costs of this, which is currently £15.

Arranging a Workshop

To book a workshop, you or your client will need to come to the workshop with their £15 in cash or a cheque. He/she can come any day of the week. We will then offer them an appoinment. We have a waiting list so it may be two or three weeks aterwards.


We appreciate that many people do not have access to their own tools and repairs to bicycles can be expensive. We therefore welcome people back to the workshop to service or fix their bikes, whether it be pumping up their tyres or replacing a broken part. Those who earn their bike from us can keep it runing smoothly by dropping in at our weekly Fix-a-Bike sessions.  We do not currently carry out repairs on bicycles earned through this  scheme on any other days.


Where we do it

The Bristol Bike Project, Hamilton House, 7 City Road, Bristol, BS2 8TN

Onsite parking is limited on week days and is suitable for drop off and collection only. We are open Monday to Thursday 9:00 to 18:00, Friday 10:00 to 18:00  and Saturday 10:30 to 17:30.

How to access

Earn A Bike

Not associated with any particular organisation but think you are eligible?

Wherever possible, we try and work with people who have been referred to us directly by an organisation or group that can vouch for that person’s status and requirement for a bike. However, we are also prepared to work with people who have not been referred by an organisation and will approach these on a case by case basis. Do feel free to pop by and talk to us if in doubt.

Volunteering Opportunities 

Due to limited coordinator resources and full capacity at present, we are not currently able to take on supported volunteers unless the individual or organisation is able to provide funding for a member of bike project staff to work with them on a one-to-one basis on a fairly regular basis.

General enquiries:

Repairs and shop enquiries:

Young People’s Programme:


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