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If you are a carer, the Carers' Centre is here for you. Simply contact us through this website or Freephone 0800 0388 885 8:15am -12:00pm

All our services are free, and we will make sure you get the right help, advice and support to make caring a little easier.

* Emotional Support
* Expert Advice
* Planning for emergencies
* Help to have a break
* Help for parent carers
* Carers into work
* Personal Development
* Support Groups
*support for young carers aged 5-17

Locations we operate in

Bath - 0800 0388 885

The Woodlands, Bath, BA2 9ES

Services we Provide


What we do

Emotional Support

  • Counselling – free specialist counselling with a qualified counsellor to help deal with the low points of caring for another person.
  • Advocacy – long term advocacy and support to help at care planning and hospital discharge meetings, ensuring carers have their voices heard.
  • Befriending – volunteers keep in regular contact with carers by visiting or telephoning and also help with transport for events and breaks.

Expert Advice

  • One-to-one support – time with an expert to give help and advice.
  • Benefits advice – the right advice and support empowers carers to navigate their way through social care, health and benefits systems.
  • Support groups – receive help and advice from other carers.

Help to have a break

The Carers’ Centre offers information and advice about breaks - from a short break for just for a few hours, to providing advice on supported holidays.

  • Activities and breaks for carers – opportunities away from caring to refresh and renew.
  • Two's Company – enjoy a break with the person you care for.
  • Support Groups – the opportunity to meet other carers and enjoy some time out.
  • Give Us A Break - why not book yourself onto one of our FREE breaks? Just click here for Carers' Breaks to see what's on offer.

Getting back into work

Carers thinking about getting a job, starting a business or going on a training course to help them into employment can get help from the Carers' Centre. The range of support offers:

  • advice and support to help you think about the right sort of job
  • help with producing a CV and looking positively at your skills
  • help from other carers through the Employment Support Group
  • advice and support in finding a good training course
  • interview skills training
  • training and talks from motivational speakers.

Where we do it

Our services are delivered at our centre in Radstock but are open to any carer living in Bath and North East Somerset.

How to access


If you are a health or social care professional, or work for an charity or support organisation and have identified a carer that would benefit from services offered by the Carers’ Centre, you can simply refer them to us through this website. We will then contact you and the carer direct.

Carers need to live in Bath and North East Somerset to access these services.

Professionals can make referrals for adult and young carers on their behalf through this online referral form:

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