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Our aims:

To provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to the people of Sedgemoor on their rights and responsibilities.

To empower people to exercise their rights and resolve their problems.

To use client evidence as a force to improve local and national policy.

We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination


We run the Local Assistance Scheme on behalf of Somerset County Council.

Locations we operate in

Bridgwater - 03 444 88 9623

The Lions, Bridgwater, TA63HW

Highbridge - 03 444 88 9623

Hope Baptist Church, Highbridge, TA93HW

Cheddar - 03 444 88 9623

Cheddar Baptist Church, Cheddar, BS273HA

Services we Provide


Sedgemoor Citizens Advice Bureau provides free, independent and confidential advice on any subject.

Individuals living or working in the Sedgemoor area can access advice via drop in, appointment, telephone and email at one of our various locations.

What we do

We provide free, independent and confidential advice on any subject.

We specialise in:

  • Debt Relief Orders
  • Employment advice
  • Money Advice
  • Welfare and Benefits.

We also run the Local Assistance scheme on behalf of Somerset County Council. For more information about the scheme, please click here.

Where we do it

We have our main office at:

The Lions
West Quay
01278 455236
For information about our opening times, please click here. 

We also offer outreach services in

For information about location and opening times, please click on the links above.

How to access

Many enquiries can be dealt with by phone or email.

Our phone number is 01278 455236


We will undertake an initial assessment either by email, over the phone or in person before we will offer you an appointment.

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