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Connecting Families work with families who have multiple or complex needs and require intensive interventions to help them achieve positive outcomes for themselves. Our aim is to work with families to make a positive difference to their progress.

Tel: 01225 396931

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Locations we operate in

Keynsham - 01225 396931

Riverside Building, Keynsham, BS31 1LA

Services we Provide


The core purpose of the Connecting Families team is to enable families with multiple complex needs to receive the services they need to change and support them to achieve resilience, health and well-being within their community.

The team works in partnership with families, helping them to understand where improvements need to be made by:

• providing one dedicated worker
• considering the whole family’s needs
• providing practical hands on support
• being persistent, assertive and challenging
• working towards the goals that they have jointly agreed in the family action plan.

What we do

The Connecting Families team aims to ensure that families with multiple complex needs receive the support they require.

Connecting families team has a specific focus on improving school attendance and behaviour, reducing youth crime and anti-social behaviour and helping parents and young people getting into employment.  However, in addition the team works to address other significant issues such as debt management, substance misuse, domestic violence and parenting skills.

By raising the parent’s aspirations this helps empower them to make long lasting improvements and support real change for the whole family

How it works

We work with the family to complete a full assessment of their needs, and create an action that they take ownership of.

A key worker will coordinate services and provide intensive professional family support in the families home.

We will provide more direct access to the services that are already, or who need to be working with these families.

The staff team will provide tailor-made packages of support which may include small funding to meet the individual requirements of all the families we work with.


Some families may not require such intensive on going support. In these cases once we have help them to recognise their needs, we will provide self help materials, signposting and onward referrals.

Where we do it

We provide all of our support within the families home and from a number of community locations.

How to access

If you work with a familiy who you feel meet the below criteria and would benefit with this type of support, you can complete the Professional Enquiry Form, and send it to Kate Townsend, 01225 394230 at Connecting Families. 


The family would need to meet 2 of the national criteria's National Criteria as below:

  • School Attendance - 3 fixed or a permanent exclusion, in a Pupil Referral Unit or 15% unauthorised absences across the last 3 consecutive terms.
  • Crime / Anti-Social Behaviour – under 18 year old with a proven offence in the last 12 months; anti-social behaviour order, anti-social behaviour injunction, anti-social behaviour contract, or subject to a housing-related anti-social behaviour intervention in the last 12 months
  • Out of Work and Claiming Benefits - households which has an adult on DWP out of work benefits (Employment and Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Carer’s Allowance Income Support and/or Jobseekers Allowance, Service Disablement Allowance

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