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Founded in April 2012 by local homelessness charity DHI, Home Turf Lettings is a not-for-profit social enterprise that specialises in letting private rented accommodation to tenants in housing need.
We make it easy, safe and affordable for landlords to rent their properties to those who face barriers in finding housing due to the ever increasing level of rents and upfront charges in the private rented market.

Locations we operate in

Kingswood Foundation - 0117 301 2560

Office 8, Bristol, BS15 8BD

DHI - 0117 301 2560

15/16 Milsom Street, Bath, BA1 1DE

Services we Provide


Founded in April 2012 by local homelessness charity DHI, Home Turf Lettings is a not-for-profit social enterprise that specialises in letting private rented accommodation to tenants in housing need.

Working across the South Gloucestershire, Bristol and Bath & North East Somerset areas, Home Turf Lettings provides landlords with a comprehensive and professional lettings and property management service, with a particular focus on an area of the rental market with which landlords have often struggled, housing benefit tenants.

In addition to tenant-finding, rent collection and full management services, in suitable cases we will even lease the house/flat from you for up to five years, guaranteeing the rent and giving you a reliable assurance that the property will be handed back in the same condition we took it on in (fair wear and tear excepted).

What we do

Opening Access to the Private Rented Sector

Home Turf Lettings currently have a number of mutli occupancy properties across BaNES and S. Glos and we will shortly be expanding into Bristol during 2014.

Home Turf Lettings is a social enterprise linked to DHI (Developing Health and Independence) and as such we have supporting low income individuals at the heart of our service, including people who have had a history of homelessness or chaotic accommodation.

We work in accordance with Local Authority Housing Benefit Rates and very closely with Local Authority Teams for sourcing accommodation.


Tenant Matching - We provide a tenant matching service to landlords who have empty properties but who wish to manage the property themself.

People referred to us will go on a waiting list while we try to find a landlord to match their needs.

People referred to us will undertake a phone assessment of:

* Their accommodation needs
* Their finanicial capability
* Affordability for properties
* Assess what type of house they may fit into and what sort of people they would be best suited to share accommodation with. 

If someone is referred by a support service then contact will be made if necessary with the referrer to obtain additional information if required.

Home Turf Lettings will support tenants with Housing Benefit issues if they arise once the tenancy has begun. We also pay all utilities for the houses in advance and set up standing orders with tenants for monthly payments which enables people to better manage their finances.

Housing Benefit payments are also paid directly to us.

Empty Homes - we are able to support landlords of currently empty homes to refurbish and let their property through access to grants and loans of up to £7,000. 

We can take over the refurbishment and the ongoing let of the property to remove any hassle from the landlord.

Properties should have been empty for at least 6 months and must be let in accordance with affordable rents for the next 5 years.

Letting and Property Management - We provide a comprehensive letting and property management service to landlords including the option to recieve guaranteed rent (for leases of between 3 - 5 years).

All properties are returned to the landlord in the condition they were initially handed over in.

Where we do it

We currently have properties in:

South Gloucestershire


We hope to expand into Bristol during 2014 and also increase the number of properties we have to offer in all of our locations.

How to access

Potential Tenants

We accept self referrals and referrals from professionals.

Self referrals - you can call or complete a referral form and email it to us.

Professionals - please complete a referral form and email it to us.

We do not complete face to face assessments so all contact will be over the phone.

Waiting List - we usually have a waiting list for properties but we keep in regular contact with everyone to make sure they still need our support.

When a new property becomes available, or a bed in one of our existing properties, we invite groups of people to view it and then select the most suitable mix for the house. We do not operate a 'top of the waiting list' policy as we need to ensure that the tenants we place are right for the house.

For more information:

Call: 0117 301 2560


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