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Maples provide high quality supported accommodation for adults aged 18 to 55 with moderate to severe mental health and learning disabilities in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Out of Hours Service

Service Users Contact:
Acute Mental Health: 07596329652
Learning Difficulties: 07596329617
Forensic Mental Health: 07596329536
Complex Trauma: 07596329645
South Bristol: 07596329611

Professionals and Emergency Services:

Our Office -
The Laurels, 24 High Street
Staple Hill, Bristol, BS16 5HW \ Tel: 0117 302 6160

Main Office Hours
Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM

Locations we operate in

The Laurels - 0117 302 61 60

24 High Street, South Gloucestershire, BS16 5HW

Services we Provide


Maples provides a caring and supportive environment where clients are empowered and actively encouraged to make choices and take responsibility in order to maximise their personal development.

Our aim is to help our clients to develop practical living and social skills, and confidence, in a supportive and caring environment. We promote self-determination in order to prevent service users from becoming institutionalised and over-dependent. Our ultimate objective is to encourage and enable clients to move on and live completely independent lives in the community when they are ready and likely to succeed. We help all clients to develop their own person-centered support plans which have clearly stated objectives and outcomes and are regularly assessed and updated to ensure the support we provide is appropriate to their needs.

Client's needs and views are central in the planning and implementation of the service provided.

What we do

Maples provide an extensive range of supported accommodation throughout Bristol and South Gloucestershire in shared houses for up to six people or self-contained flats for those who require less support, or as a move-on opportunity as clients progress through our service.

Support is provided during the day and early evenings when our team of highly skilled and dedicated support staff assist clients with independent living skills such as budgeting, meal planning, shopping, hygiene, medication management, activities from their care plan and general emotional support. We do not provide personal or medical care but that can be arranged through our partner agencies if required.

Some locations have sleep-in night staff and telephone support with a security call-out is available in other locations in the event of emergencies arising outside of normal staff working hours.

Client Groups & Services

  • Mental Health
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Forensic / Dual Diagnosis / Complex needs
  • Outreach
  • Respite service (when available)
  • Support Planning
  • Learning and training opportunities
  • Rehabilitative services

Where we do it

Maples have a variety of properties from single units (self contained flats) for people who do not require as much intense support, to six bedroom houses.

These are located in Bristol and can be accessed by people living in Bristol and Sout Gloucestershire.

How to access


New placements with us are normally via Social Workers, although occasionally first contact is made through Health or other agencies. All new placements must be approved, and funded, by Social Services, therefore it is essential for the Social Worker to act as the primary referral co-ordinator at an early stage.

First Visit

This is intended as an informal opportunity for us to meet the applicant, and for them to meet us and get an idea of the service we offer. It is also an opportunity for our existing residents to meet the new applicant. If the applicant then wishes to apply for a placement, they will be required to complete an application form. On receipt of this, if both parties wish to proceed, a formal offer of placement will be made and a Care Plan Meeting will be arranged.

Care Plan Meeting

Once a formal offer of placement has been made and accepted, it is necessary to arrange a care plan meeting for the purpose of identifying the specific needs of the service user. Although it is only necessary for the Social Worker/other relevant professional to attend, this is normally a good opportunity for all agencies and parties involved with the applicant’s care to meet and establish a steady and successful ongoing support network.


The final stage in the referral process is for Social Services to provide us with copies of the Care Plan developed in the Care Plan Meeting. We also require an agreed contract signed and authorised by the appropriate Social Service Team Manager before the placement can commence


MARC provides an environment where Maples clients can meet with other individuals to develop skills that may have been lost through mental illness, previous negative experiences or other factors which have resulted in individuals becoming introvert and lacking confidence.

MARC has taken account of what clients have asked for in setting up activities aimed at meeting needs that enable them to move towards independent living.

What we do

Some of the activities at MARC: 

Sports:-We offer a range of sporting actives, some of which include, Cycling, Walking, Badminton, Football, Darts, Pool, and Swimming. We are also always open to suggestions.

Pathways: – Offering 1-1 support and direction for preparation into independent living. Advice and guidance given in applying for council and private properties, obtaining advice on voluntary and permanent employment and access into further education etc.

Tenancy workshops:– Informal sessions discussing daily living skills in small groups. Sharing ideas and investigating ways to getting more out of a daily routine. Explore ways to underpin practical in-house development of skills such as personal hygiene, budgeting, managing house work etc.

Nutritionist:- Our in house Nutritionist has several workshops each week including healthy eating, living with diabetes and weight control. All workshops are on a 6 week programe which can be repeated if necessary.

Psychologist:- Our qualified Psychologist is available for group and individual sessions helping clients to manage a range of difficulties.

Gardening Group: – Combining light exercise with fresh air, support and encouragement is provided in growing edible and decorative plants/ flowers whilst developing our resource centre’s courtyard, local council allotment and nearby shared housing projects.

Computer Groups: – Whether you are a beginner or an expert we have computers available for you to develop your PC skills. Support and guidance is available to explore and learn how useful computers can be and understand how important they are in daily life.

Benefit Support: – Changes in benefits can often cause worry and stress so we can provide you with friendly support to help with problems as and when they occur. Advice with understanding benefits and seeking additional funding is also available where relevant.

Drama Group: – This activity explores working in a therapeutic and supportive environment with an art form. The group sessions may include stories, drama, movement, music, and play to encourage the Client to express feelings and boost well-being.

Mindful Art: – This activity offers a fun way to set meaningful goals through using art techniques including creative visualisation boards, making feel good boxes and using decoupage etc. Clients are encouraged to explore and discover a sense of mindfulness and develop positive aspirations.

Arts and crafts: – Engage in creative projects in a relaxed, friendly environment exploring a wide range of both traditional, and new, arts and crafts including knitting, crochets, up cycling, jewellery making etc.

Sound and movement group: – Using music and sound, discover greater sense awareness through voice and movement exercises in a lighthearted and fun session. Instruments and voice are both incorporated enabling clients to engage in a unique and creative way.

Relaxation: – Practice a range of techniques to help wind down, chill out and release oneself from day to day stress. Low key methods including beautiful music and soft, comforting surroundings enhance the experience helping to lower anxiety and tension.

Women’s Well-being group: – This all women’s group supports each other in a safe and comfortable environment sharing experience and knowledge. Explore the benefits of being mindful and discover ways to improve life through the power of positivity and becoming grounded in the ‘here and now’.

Clients’ forum: – A client led informal group which meets regularly to discuss topics and issues relating to living in community supported housing. Clients can discuss opinions and ideas which contribute to maintaining and developing quality and value within the service.

Where we do it


123 Downend Road
Bs16 5BE
Tel: 0117 902 93 05

How to access

The services on offer are only available to people accommodated by Maples.

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