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We help individuals to identify what king of volunteering they might like to do, and then support them to access opportunities to suit their interests and needs. We also help voluntary and community groups, Statutory agencies, self help and informal community groups to find suitable volunteers.

Community Engagement, Health and Wellbeing, Volunteering in Children's Centres, Local Enterprise Partnerships and SAVVY (Preparation for volunteering course).

Locations we operate in

Voluntary Action North Somerset - 01934 416486

Bridgwater Court Oldmixon Crescent, Weston-super-Mare, BS24 9AU

Services we Provide


We are a quality assured Volunteer Centre for North Somerset. We provide access to a range of volunteering opportunities which are accessible to anyone living in the north Somerset area.

What we do

Volunteer Register

We hold a database of all volunteering opportunities across North Somerset.


We provide a matching and brokerage service for volunteers and organisations looking for a volunteer. This involves support individuals or companies to look at their requirements, interests, expectations etc and match to suitable candidates.

Volunteer Pathway

We provide a  tailor made mentoring option to volunteers to help them to break down barriers to volunteering such as anxiety, unrealistic expectations, planned move on into employment etc. A mentor will be assigned to you who will help you set small achieveable goals and make sure you are making the most of, and getting the most from your volunteering experience.

This option is also available to organisations to help them to improve their offer to volunteers.

Where we do it

We can provide access to a range of opportunities across the whole of North Somerset.

If there are no opportunities in the area of work or locality you live in, we can help broker relationships with organisation to increase opportunities available.

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