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abandofbrothers (ABOB) works with young men involved in the criminal justice system. We provide them with the support they need to make the transition to an adulthood free of crime, and filled with a sense of belonging, connection and purpose.

The young men we meet have often experienced or witnessed domestic violence. They may have been abused or else kept someone else’s abuse a secret. They may have lived in care or experienced neglect. They may have grown up where drug and alcohol abuse is commonplace and where positive adult role models are in short supply.

Our work transforms the lives of young men and their communities, whilst saving the state (and ultimately the taxpayer) £40,000 a year for each avoided incarceration. Instead, we create well-rounded men who contribute back to society with healthy aspirations and a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Mentoring of young men (18-25) involved in the criminal justice system, or headed that way

We provide transformative, Rite of Passage experiences to the young men that we mentor, and as part of the development journey of our Mentors

We have built a small but strong community of Mentors, who actively support the young Bristol men who are already part of ABOB and who welcome new young men who are ready to make a change in their lives.

ABOB builds an inter-generational community of men, in support of our younger members.

We are committed to providing a programme of mentoring to support young Bristol men who take part in the deferred prosecution initiative. Our offer is to proved ten, one hour, weekly mentoring sessions and an invitation to two or three of our community evenings. These young men become part of our community, attending a Rite of Passage Experience, when the time is right for them.

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